This blog has been around since 2007. It started as a way for me to way for me to reflect on the struggles I faced throughout my spiritual journey since becoming a Christian in 2006. In a former life, I’d call myself an anti-Christianity, New Age Spirituality-loving, anti-authoritarian gal. As I look back on what I wrote in the past, I can see that my faith is constantly evolving, as I’m constantly learning about God, and letting Him teach me the ways of practically living out His teachings. 

Therefore, some of my old posts may not entirely reflect what I believe at this point because as I grow sometimes I may unlearn what I have previously learnt. What I will not do is to go back to the past and edit what I have written so if something I’ve written concerns you, feel free to drop me a note to clarify if so desired.

In other aspects of my life, I’m currently pursuing a PhD in media and communications. In particular, my research is situated at the intersection of religion, media and culture. Formerly, I was working in marketing communications for 7-8 years in both commercial and not-for-profit organisations.

I am currently based in Melbourne and attend City on a Hill Church, a great bunch of people who see value in being gospel-driven within the city. I am married to W who constantly surprises me with his strangeness. We have two cats, Pablo and Pancho, whose Facebook page has not been updated ever since they turned rebelliously teenage.


7 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Pastor

    I Live in Pakistan. Please pray for me & my family. I Need Spiritual gain, God give me unknown languages, fill me with Holy Spirit, give me power of preaching words of God and the year 2010 will be the year of success for me and my
    whole family and God bless my Family.

    Thanking you,

    your Brother,

    Ashraf Gill & Family
    Lahore Pakistan
    Mobile No. +92300-4441488
    Email- lgmpak@gmail.com

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