Let It be Your Glory, O Lord


I’m tired of

textbook songs that sing

of Your great love.


Coined lyrics

Overused words

Hold little meaning.


When are we gonna

lay down our pride

tear down our idols

toss out the music

and come to You

with a pure heart

that just longs for

Your holy presence?


Songs that sing of Your holiness

but empty on their own;

Gigs in Your name with

their faces

their glories.

Whose glory;

Whose sake?


Week after week

Same songs

Same glory.

Your glory

Or is it?


When do we know it’s a sham

When do we know it’s too far from You?


Maybe we’re all far from You

else we wouldn’t need Jesus

the only way to You.


And it ain’t gonna be on our grounds or efforts.


Not how much we sing

how perfect our pitch is

how good we look on stage

nor how in love with You we appear.


Let all that we do

be Your glory, O Lord,

not ours.


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