Learning Again


and we all learn...at some point...

I find myself slow to learn practical life lessons sometimes and for thepast week or so, upon reflection, have relearnt the following:

1. There is a need in me that only God, and nobody else, can fill.
2. Making decisions can be tough but sometimes, but what’s more important in life is to continuously press on in the direction of that decision.
3. The right decision is to make a decision and not dally between two and/or many – that itself is the wrong decision.
4. His grace is more than enough and He will never give up on us, even if sometimes we give up on ourselves.
5. Attempting to predict the outcome of a mixture of consequences can also be a new age form of fortune-telling in the likes of horoscope. It idolises self and is manipulative. Let God be in charge instead.
6. Stop trying to see things/people from lens of judgment, i.e. if I think a person will behave in a certain pattern, he will because whatever he does, I will come to that conclusion. Judgment is not up to us.
7. There are lessons from the past we can learn from, but we gotta let them go after that.


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