Love Story


There is one Love Story I never tire of hearing, telling, thinking and reminiscing about. That will be one about a faithful Love, that can’t be seen through the eyes of the world.

Despite our greatest reasoning at times, isn’t it easiest to gravitate towards the emotional aspect of love? The fluffy feeling, the mushy-ness and the romanticism of it all. But the highest form of Love came in the form of a sacrifice – One that was nailed on a Roman Cross. Nobody felt mushy and gooey inside when that happened, I’m sure. Some delighted; some cried – others gave up hope. The immediate aftermath reveals the stark truth about a Love that nobody could understand – it came in the form of a scattered bunch of frightened disciples, who lost their faith in Love.

Don’t we often long for our own love story to be as perfect, without a taint or blemish? Do we try to ignore the pain, the stains and spots and try to dwell only on the perfect, good-feeling parts? A good friend of mine went through cancer, chemotherapy, and her then-boyfriend left her in the midst of it cos he didn’t want to take the risk. Love came in the form of her nurse’s son, whom she eventually met through school. Another friend went out with a non-Christian, because in his opinion, she is more Christian than alot of Christians. The girl did come to Christ eventually, and now serves the Lord with all her heart. yet another, despite an affair, chose to stick to her man.

Imperfect beginnings, and very possibly imperfect but committed journeys ahead. Who can I credit but only God whose grace prevails, and that His mercy makes all things possible? That in His grace, He sustains, that in His grace, He perfects us from glory to glory (2 Corinthians 3:18). Why then do we get disappointed with ourselves for our mistakes when by grace, we have been forgiven? Why then, do we think we can hide behind a perfect facade, when truly truly, we’re only holy and blameless (Ephesians 1:4) because of He?

I am unable to love perfectly on my own will and strength. But Love compels me to love the way He does, with all His heart, and with all His strength, coupled with mine.


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