Love Remains the Same


Lunch time conversation. We were talking about kids who grew up in church versus the reality of the world. Pretense and authenticity. Being holy moly versus acknowledging the fallibility of human nature.

Half the time the world is ending / truth is I am done pretending

I had my share of trying to be something I’m not. I think some of us get stuck into that. Perhaps it ain’t right for me to speak for all but I suspect we share experiences in humanity.

Some say a girl should be sweet, demure, gentle. Some say girls should dress in loose clothes, not pierce our ears, nor have make up on. Some say girls shouldn’t be fierce, loud, do crazy things, have wild dreams. Some people say alot of things that I know I am not, cannot be, and wouldn’t want to be…..because I was never meant to be.

But we should have had the sun / could’ve been inside / instead we’re over here

So. The Author can’t be away because…..she cannot stop writing. Because she cannot stop thinking. And if she stops writing, she’d stop living.

Lyrics from Gavin Rossdale’s ‘Love Remains the Same’.


7 thoughts on “Love Remains the Same

  1. me: i dunno. sometimes the world is the church, and the world is in the church. lines get pretty blur over some issues these days, so no direct inference.

    chris: cheers! šŸ˜€

  2. because it is His high calling, to be united. because it is the most difficult thing to do therefore it can be the greatest living testimony of who Christ is…through us, a body as one. šŸ™‚ John 17:11

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