An Epiphany


8 Dec 09, around 1pm

I had an epiphany the other day. Taking half a day off work to go see my career counselor, I took a walk down Orchard Road, along a pathway I’ve never taken before, just cos I was feeling particularly adventurous that day.

The grass seems greener, the trees alot shadier, and there were definitely less people taking that path. Nice. All my years of being a Singaporean, I’ve never taken that side of the road before and it was my first time. Truly.

There I was, just lalala-ing, happy to take a slow stroll along busy Orchard Road in this festive season, just slowing down my thoughts, and being thankful for everything in general. I could see I was approaching a crossing ahead, where cars don’t seem to stop, and a lady just waiting out at the junction, and she’s been there for a while.

Oh no. It’s gonna take me a while to cross that road too and it doesn’t look like an easy one with all these cars coming at that kinda speed. But I thought to myself, but hey, I’m just gonna keep walking. And I did.

In my limited vision, this is all I can see:

But hey I’ll just keep walking right? And then it became clearer to me:

The very moment I saw the traffic light crossing, I had an epiphany. Even though it seems like a really small thing, just a tiny episode of a mundane every day, yet I had an epiphany in the midst of all that. I was thinking how perhaps it was stupid to take that road that I’m not even familiar with, that perhaps I should have taken a path I’m familiar with, that would guarantee me getting to my destination But I decided to try something new, and maybe something new wasn’t that great after all. But even when I saw that woman waiting at the road, I felt God telling me to just keep walking, just keep walking…and I could see why only at I had visibility to see why.

It was an epiphany because I AM at a place where I’m just in the pits of confusion, choices and uncertainty and I know He knows it. And I know He’s just telling me to keep walking and keep walking forward. Despite all that I feel, just keep the faith and keep walking forward and that I will come to a point where things are much clearer, and I will be able to walk on with eyes wide open.

Now I just need to keep the faith that I will be able to recognise that point when I reach it.


4 thoughts on “An Epiphany

  1. Psalm 119:105 says, “Your word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path” (NLT). This reminds me of the headlights on my car. It doesn’t shine all the way to my destination, but it does shine far enough ahead for me to SAFELY navigate the road. God never said He would illuminate the next ten miles up the road, but path before us. In other words, you WILL recognize the the path to take, even if it appears in the form of a “Y” in the road.



  2. ladyvie

    inhisgrace.. I so thank God for this post.. I’m having some trouble and the last parts really caught me..

    Can I repost this on my blog? I’ll absolutely acknowledge you on it of course.. 😀 can i? 😀

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