Sometimes I forget…


that my Father in heaven owns the world,
that all resources belong to Him,
and that it’s up to Him to give
and take as He pleases.

I bank too much on my own plans
the path I think I should take
base on who I am, where I am, what I am
instead of who He made me to be
what He has taught me so far
what He has equipped me with
and that He sets His eyes on things
much further than my own human eyes.

I forget what prayers I can utter
that will move His heart
uncover His plans for me
and unveil my deepest desires for more of Him.

I forget about the power of my words
the same power He used when He spoke this world that we see
into being.

I forget that He made all the lilies and clothe them in richness,
provides the sparrows with food and a resting place.

I forget because time and again,
I shortchanged Him; put him against my own measuring tape
of who He is.

But the King of kings, the Lord of lords, the Maker of heaven and earth
is vast beyond measures,
so foreign to my human eyes and intellect

and frequently boxed up in my foolish mind
is my poor understanding of He.


Inspired by these words of Leonora Whitaker Wood, mother of Catherine Marshall, to a boy named Raymond:
“Raymond, Whatever you need, God has a supply of it ready for you, provided you are ready to receive it. What seems impossible for you is entirely possible for God. Ours is still a land of opportunity, Ray. The sky is the limit! Money – what’s money? Money should be the slave, not the master, of every dream that’s right for you, every dream for which you’re willing to work.”


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