Choosing Freedom


Quite frankly, Michael Jackson is the last person I would imagine to be the inspiration behind a blog post of mine. I’ve never been much of a fan, though I’m certain his music is great and many love him for that. Maybe it’s cos he’s just kind of distant in my world – not like I know much about him anyway. I’ve always felt a deep loneliness in him though, and a great hunger for love, but that can be said of anybody, but perhaps more so for him, since we know his life more publicly than the next guy in the office cubicle sometimes.

Maybe it’s cos I was in a cab with a friend yesterday and something in the tone of her voice moved me. She talked about Michael Jackson, how his childhood can have such an impact on the rest of his life, and that some people grow up with such dysfunctional families that they are unable to find commonality with the average folk. It’s true. I can’t imagine being in one every second, every minute, for extended period of time. It must really get under your skin and make you who you are. I know hers was pretty dysfunctional so I know what kind of mood she is in.

I guess it made me realise something too. That at some point in time in our life, whether for a short or extended frame of time, we were all victimised by somebody, a circumstance, or incident. It’s how when we choose to acknowledge its power over us and our lives, that we can make a choice on our part to walk free from it. “You will know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free.” John 8:32. I quoted this once, in a private letter, never knowing that I was quoting from the greatest deity-man ever to walk the earth.

Have you ever met people who are self-defeating? They speak more about their past glories than their present passions. They speak as if their days of honour have passed them over and they’re just smoothing over life. Death is spoken into their thoughts and into their hearts, and they fail to recognise it. They know they have the choice to walk from all that but don’t pick themselves up to do it.

Do you realise that you’re the only one who can exercise that choice, pick yourself up, and walk free from it? Nobody else can make that choice for you. And nobody can change everything else so that you can remain in status quo. Sometimes, you just gotta bite the bullet and do that.

Alot of things around us can scream the opposite. Stay in your comfort zone, the sinister whisper may come. It’s useless to try and fight your fate and the family you’re born into, that same voice may tell you. I know that voice too well – sometimes it’s like a surround sound system that comes at you at every attack from every corner and you have no place to cower into except your own little cave. Trapped, yet safe.

There used to be times where Michael Jackson appeared in the news, mostly the tabloids, and I’d wonder how this man can stand his life. I always secretly thought that he’d end his life someday because it’s such a torment (though God forbids). Why do I say that? There are massive amounts of criticism against him and he can’t seem to do anything right in the eyes of the media. Everybody has something to say about him; so many people mock him. Even in his death, people can’t stop the cruel jokes from coming in, at his expense. I cannot imagine a life like that, and I’m thinking it must be really painful, deeply, painfully lonely, but I’m also guessing that he found his own way of shutting out all these noises in his life, a way to retreat to his safe little cave, to shut out the surround sound of hurting words and criticism. He chose to live, chose to make his music, chose to give the very best of his life. For that, I take my hat off to him.

Sometimes we just gotta find out own way of shutting up the voice that doesn’t come from the Lord. The enemy knows how to train our own inner voices sometimes, and our own soul continues the work of the enemy. We need to find our own way of quenching it, stilling it, and eventually kill it altogether. Cling on dearly to what the good Lord promises, for He never fails to give, in His own way, and in His time. That’s how I stick to simple assurances.


2 thoughts on “Choosing Freedom

  1. Good afternooon. Michael Jackson was one who was never afforded a normal childhood. Thrust into the public eye at an early age, he was placed on a tragic course from which he never found an escape.

    Your final paragraph touches on something that has been on my heart for several months. There are so many voices in the world. We have to shut out the rhetoric and hear from the Lord directly. Through prayer and through his word, we must be hearing from on high and be discerning.

    Thanks for a most thought provoking post. It was a welcome surprise to be going down the listing of latest posts and see a link to yours. I don’t have as much time to make the rounds in the blogosphere as I once did, but it’s always a blessing to hear from one who’s been out here as long as I have.

    Blessings always in Jesus name.


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