Hearing from God, I wait.


I’ve seen this video before on youtube and it’s an inspiration just watching it again. This is the first time I’m watching this expanded version though. Check it out.

All of us want to hear God in a personal way. It is not impossible but He does want us to be still before Him in order to hear Him. Not that He is deliberately soft, but that we’re simply too cluttered with work, day to day busyness, entertainment, our other loves, sometimes even our persistent, whiny voices of the flesh.

I’ve been afraid to say yes to God lately. It’s just this thing called bad experience. Thought I heard God, said yes yet couldn’t decide, sat on the fence all the way. Then again, I probably didn’t strain my ears enough to hear God then. Probably heard the mosquitoes or something and then said yes to that. In any case, I’m trying to filter my own thoughts, observation of my situations and fleshly attempts to size things up and determine what God wants to do in my life.

God, just do as You will, not my will but Yours.

I just need a word from you, Lord. I know it’s not too much to ask. Something that will hit me right over.

1. My travel plans were disrupted. Was at crossroad of life. My passions got ignited. My desires to study aflamed once again. Coincidence?
2. Shared my desire to study. 3 people brought up a study course all within a span of a month (or less). Coincidence? And sort of had an affirmation.
3. Pastor brought out his half-baked song and said he wrote it, after his sermon last month. How would he know? Something I need to hear at that precise point?
4. Finances don’t look to be a big issue. God has been showing me and preparing my anxious heart on His provision. Been speaking to me about making decisions too cos I’ve been dragging my feet on this.

Just a Word from you, Lord, is all I need. Nothing says it’s from You the way Your Word does.


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