What’s your temperament?


Apparently everybody falls into one of 4 of these dominant temperaments. I’m pre-dominantly a Melancholic. What are you? My introspective nature is apparently making me always try to figure myself out, whether in relationships or work. Must be why all these tests ignite enough curiosity in me to check them out.

I’ve found a Temperament Analysis test through Beverly Lahaye’s book on The New Spirit-Controlled Woman.

Don’t like your temperament and how your weaknesses are so blatant and making you so ungraceful? I can relate to that. The good news is that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us and He has already given us the Holy Spirit, that the fruits or strengths of the Spirit can bear fruit in us 🙂

Because of my natural inclination (my natural temperament), I need to give more thanks in everything, and be less critical (of myself, and others).

Thank God that somebody figured all these out to help clueless folks like me figure myself out.


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