She’s in Kitty Heaven


Maki on balcony

It is with a heavy heart that I write this. After having gone through months of trips to the vet, being diagnosed with various ailments like cat flu and a scratched eye, our dear little Maki Squarepatch passed away around 4am on 15 Feb 2009. I am fighting back tears even as I write this cos it’s just so hard. She’s been my little girl ever since we picked her up approx. 8 years ago and has been an absolute charmer ever since.

She never grew beyond a certain size because of the twice-over surgeries she went through when we picked her up. For season cat owners, you probably know what I mean when I say that cats have cat faces and kittens have kitten faces. Maki still retained that angelic kitten face because she remained stunted in growth.

Diminutive, angelic. She mews softly, eats gently, does not fight with the big boys at home. Sometimes I think she taught me how to be a girl.

When I came home late last night, mum and I found her to be breathing heavily. Quick checks on the internet prompted us to bring her to the vet immediately cos heavy breathing doesn’t look good for cats. X-ray revealed fluid in her lungs, and inflammation. Chances of recovery was 30% and probably even less cos she’s weak by nature. We gave our best shot at treatment but that didn’t work.

When she was in the cage being oxygenated, I told her this: Maki, you’re a cat! You have 9 lives. You probably have 7 lives left (after the 2 surgeries). Please be a strong girl again. Or 6 lives. She fell 2 storeys off our apartment once and landed on a neighbour’s ledge. Mind you, we live on the 26th floor. Broke the neighbour’s balcony plant while at it. What a fighter.

I was tried beyond my emotional and physical capacity and was encouraged for a moment when suddenly, she got up and starting mewing. I thought she wanted to fight on and refused to let euthanasia be an option. When I got home and happen to read Psalm 8 (which was kind of like what I got when Jacky couldn’t make it), I still hoped she will make it through ok.

Maki was legendary, extraordinary. She inspired us to create a whole brand story however shortlived it was. Her charming ways make us weak in the knees and soft in the heart toward human and animals alike. She even got my Dad to like her best, and Dad doesn’t take a fancy to any of our kitties.

Hugs and kisses, Maki sweetheart. Go play with Jacky and someday we’ll all unite again.

Maki and the big boys

Maki on bed

Reposted with edits.


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