Uprooting Bitterness


My sweet boyfriend just told me yesterday that he saw *that* guy and shoved him before getting off the train. I know we shouldn’t take revenge but how sweet of him to do that for me 😀

It’s strange the number of times I’ve seen that guy within the span of 1.5 years to date. Like 3 times after that incident. How to forget the face of a creep? Apparently my boyfriend sees him around the train station where he works too. Hmm, if Singapore is really that small, how come I don’t see any of my primary school friend every other day??

Coincidentally, I read a past devotional yesterday on not letting bitterness take root. How true. it prompted me to consider the past times I held bitterness within me. I have seen, and certainly felt the effect of bitterness taking root. It’s like a toxic bile that rises up within you, a dark cloud that hovers over your chest and won’t go away, a disease that eats away every goodness in you. It robs you of your sanity and cripples you to nothingness before you know it. I’ve definitely been through that before. And although hard as it is, I know that even that man must be forgiven, even if he is unrepentent. For God so love the world that even He gave up His one and only Son, before we even sought His forgiveness, so that none should perish but have eternal life with Him (John 3:16, paraphrased in own words).


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