words, lyrics, speech, songs


‘A song is a pillow you can lay your heart on’ – Corrine May

I was checking out some local indie bands and chanced upon Corrine May’s myspace. With the proliferation of bands promoting themselves on myspace, it never quite occurred to me to go search her out and read more about her inspirations. Then again, as much as myspace is a really great platform for music lovers to check out new sound bites, I’m not exactly experimental that way with what I listen to.

I found a quote on her profile that I really liked and it just hits me right inside. Reading on, I found out that her faith in God was renewed after she went through a heart surgery. Funny how things are sometimes. It is when we’re down in the pits, completely broken and helpless beyond our own might that we seek for God in our lives.


For music lovers, I think the relationship one has with music is indescribable. For some (like myself), it is a channel of expression. For many, it may be their best form of expression. I think Corrine May summed it really nicely in her quote above and for those whom God speaks through music, I’m sure you know what I mean.

In this new job, I get to get into the minds of young people. Or rather, I have to get into the mindsets of young people and find out how they think and this hit me with new revelation (which may be duh information to others πŸ™‚ – I learnt that throughout the growing up/studying phase, young people are always trying to find out who they are and form their identity.

Where I thought that writing was my best form of expression, talking wasn’t. And I took a really long time to figure that out. It isn’t common to find me in the middle of a meeting lagging behind in thoughts and unable to comment further or give intelligent replies because I’d still be mulling over an idea that was brought up earlier to take it apart further. The truth is, if I don’t have to talk, I’d rather not. And the other truth is, I’d rather sing than talk.

Before this starts getting a little too indulgent, I’ve held a little dream in me for a while. Hopefully God can use that dream and make it into something, for His glory πŸ™‚ For now, I pray He’ll just equip me whenever I need to speak. I’m learning alot lately about just letting Him lead in prayer, in conversations and even in my thought processes.


3 thoughts on “words, lyrics, speech, songs

  1. ahaha! it seems we have both resurfaced. my excuse is Lent. do Methodists celebrate this? (ya, the extent of my ignorance)

    erm, weren’t you young once, so wouldn’t you know, and i hardly think you’re old enough to be considered… old. you make yourself sound like a dinosaur. !lol!

  2. HAHAHA. i know what made you think about the lagging in conversations part. haha. it’s okay lar, some people (like me) think while we speak. which is bad cuz whatever comes out might not have gone through enough thinking:D

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