The Reason to Live


God knows that I love playing detective. He knows I love to pick up on various clues and go “A-HA!” when the mystery is solved. Case closed. Mystery solved. It seems like a little game God plays with me sometimes because He knows (and of course, He created this rather strange mind of mine) me inside out, more than I know myself sometimes.

Sometimes a mystery takes forever to resolve. Or the clues just seem impossible. Or I start wondering if the clue is even meant for this mystery or another. I get frustrated and my brows are all furrowed in stress. God remains silent and gives no further clue. He keeps me waiting. Waiting on Him, waiting in faith. He prepares me to be ready for the next clue. Such wonder is our God that cannot be fathomed. And I realise recently, He waits for MY ACTION in faith.

I remember somebody asking once why is it that God’s intervention is so much more apparent in retrospect but never when we’re within the situation. Well, my friend, that is because God sees everything but we don’t. We can only observe a probable future based on what we knew before and what we are living through now.

God’s message for me for the new season is:

– Stop moving back and forth between the old and Promised Land. Stay on the Promised Land and move forward from there.

– Step out of the boat and WALK. Keep the faith.

– Claim authority over what He has already given

In this new season, of new beginnings (restored or brand new), this song is on my heart as I give it all unto Him.


We Are The Reason

by Avalon

We are the reason
That He gave His life
We are the reason
That He suffered and died

To a world that was lost
He gave all He could give
To show us the reason to live

I’ve finally found the reason for living
It’s in giving every part of my heart to Him
In all that I do every word that I say
I’ll be giving my all just for Him, for Him
He is my reason to live


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