What I define as beautiful #1


Thursday nights are bible study nights. While I am still at work, waiting to get off, and feeling a little low and drained out, I realised that there’s this picture I’ve always wanted to put on my blog but have never managed to do so.

Maybe I’ll make it a weekly thing, to post up something that I define as beautiful.

I can’t remember where I got this picture from but it’s of an extensive work of stained glass from a church in Spain. I think (shall not go into a rant on how much I love Gaudi’s works now..). I found it while researching (a little) on what sort of artwork we could put up on our little shop’s glass window.

I have this great love for stained glass. I think it’s gotta be how they have always been associated with church art and churches just exude that serenity about them that sends the peace right into your soul.

So here it is, what I define as beautiful, this week.


2 thoughts on “What I define as beautiful #1

  1. Joe Roe

    This is the skylight over the concert hall of the Palau de la Música Catalana in Barcelona. Probably the most beautiful concert hall in the world.

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