Fear of the Lord


I had a great time catching up with J the other day over lunch at Sushi Tei. I’ve always looked up to this girl because she has such a gentle disposition, friendly and chirpy that even if I don’t know her very well, I might very well open up to her and share with her anything. When a girl with a thick wall of defence meets such another, the wall just comes down naturally. There are some people in this world whom people just can’t have any defence towards and she’s just gotta be one of them because she’s as real as she looks šŸ™‚

One of the things we talked about was being certain of our faith, about our decisions made and situations that we walk into with the full confidence that we were led there by God. We realise that alot of times, that is important because it keeps us from being shaken, having doubts and being uncertain about our capabilities, our worth and His need of us in that situation, circumstance or place. Especially so when assaults come our way, even when people that you are close to or highly look up to questions you, you will be unwavering, standing firm on that faith that God put you there for His reason and His alone.

The situation could be any of these: it could be accepting a role that nobody wants to take up, that many may not feel you’re up to it yet you know that, by faith, you have surrendered that decision to God, in accordance to His will. And continuous words from people (about who may be a better chosen person) gets you down and unsure. It could come in the form of God nudging you to go forth and pray for a stranger (despite all the indications from Him that you should) but you were afraid that if you couldn’t pull off a healing miracle, the stranger will think you’re weird or worse, everybody else around would think you are. Or it could be being afraid of lovingly rebuking somebody you love because you’re afraid of how the friendship will turn out eventually.

Ok I gotta stop doing the ‘you’ thing because these are all things I faced or am facing right now. My conclusion on what I’m currently facing is this: I feared people more than I feared the Lord. While reading Joy Dawson’s Forever Ruined for the Ordinary, something she said just struck a chord in me. It never quite occurred to me that I was more afraid of people than the Lord in all those instances. Yes, it becomes more and more apparent to me now.

J: (in more or less these words) Well it may not feel like the most glorious thing, to take up a role without being elected by the mass and that is when you need to be certain of your faith in Him and trust that He put you there because He wanted to and not let that faith waver, whatever assaults come your way.

Thanks for the reminder, galpal. Always appreciate your honesty and insightfulness.


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