Ah, of His Love.


I love seeing how God moves in my sister’s life.


We’re two years apart in age. Growing up was about fighting and being competitive. I felt she was always copying me in all that I do and wear – she probably felt I was bossy and snobbish (I was). We pretty much grew up apart – she went to art college and I studied social sciences (and developed too critical a way of thinking I suspect). It was only mid-last year that we got together. After 2 heartbreaks, we gave our hearts to our work together instead.

And I saw how God moved in her life.

He took her out of a relationship that was going nowhere, a guy who couldn’t commit enough to even show his parents who he’s seeing in the entire 2-year relationship. That was in Dec 06. Xin, if you ever read this, I started praying that God intervene in your relationship to bring what is best for you since around Oct 06. Just so you know.

At a time where she needed encouragement as an artist, I prayed God will reveal His goodness to her and hopefully send somebody to snap up all her works in her 2-day exhibition. Such a short period, our reasons work against us and it looked like anything but possible. But somebody came and snapped up most of her remaining works. He is good.

Early this year, we did an interview for MAADzine. One question asked was: How far do you wanna take Maki Squarepatch? Our first response was: our own shop! What we really want is to spread the message of love and eco-consciousness through our products, globally. Somehow, God opened the door for such a possibility. On 23 July 2007, we opened our own shop on a super tight budget.

She lost touch with a dear friend of hers, her mentor and lecturer who showed her what it is to be a light for Christ. I told her that he will be back. And he did come back, waving at us outside our shop one fine day. God, I know You delighted the day you saw that look of surprise (and loads of happiness) on her face. Most of all, You saw what her heart needed and You gave out of Your love for her.

Recently, her friend accepted the Lord after attending a series of bible studies. We rejoice with the angels that he is now part of our family.

“In the same way, I tell you, there is rejoicing in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents.” Luke 15:10

Please pray with me that God will continue to reveal Himself to her and her heart will be open to Him as she continues to seek an answer to everything. I believe we all have a question in us that never got fulfilled until we met Him. An extraction from The Answer, one of my favorite songs:

I believe you are the answer to every tear I’ve cried
I believe that you are with me,
My rising and my light.

by Corrine May


Xin, remember I told you, God is just there waiting for you. He wants to talk to you and He wants to reveal Himself to you. Love you very much. Sis.


4 thoughts on “Ah, of His Love.

  1. I love this testimony of how you’ve watched God work and continue to reveal Himself to your sister. It’s the same story so many of us can tell about our own family members. Even as time ticks by and we continue to watch and wait and pray, He is good.

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