Dengue in Singapore


Here’s the latest report on dengue hotspots in Singapore. When the earthquake in Sumatra is not causing vibrations to my top level apartment and causing it to swivel a little, i’m thankful that we live on the 26th level of our apartment where mosquitoes are less likely to travel to.

Ian’s death made me wonder what took anybody so long to find a cure for dengue fever. After all it’s not a new disease. It’s a 200 year old disease. Here’s what I’ve found:

Dengue Fever – Wikipedia

Singapore takes on dengue fever, but victory is not assured – International Herald Tribune


One thought on “Dengue in Singapore

  1. clare

    cos the dratted things mutate constantly esp. when chemicals are used – mozzie repellents and stuff. the only way is to keep smacking. i went on obs once n bundled up my whole body, and the stupid things bit me on the face at least 7 times.

    sorry abt ur friend. 😦

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