vote for maki squarepatch!


Ok this is a shameless plug that I’m reposting from my work blog because I need more votes! 😛 Send some of your love my way please. Read on:


Voting on Fred Flare’s NEXT BIG THING is finally up! Please cast your vote for us (yes, shameless plug!). Click on this button and vote for ‘Maki Squarepatch’ please! Here it is:

The running’s really tough. We’re up in the running with one of Project Runway‘s winner! Like whoa. But nobody

told us that anything is impossible. In fact, alot of impossible things seem to just happen around everyday.

Here’s an email we mailed out to all our friends about what’s been happening:


hi friends!

xin and i are totally excited about being in the running for fred flare’s NEXT BIG THING 2007, all that is happening in brooklyn, new york. winning it can kickstart so many things happening for us and i gotta admit, we’re already fantasizing! of course, the running is tough too – so many super awesome craftsters out there who make really great things.

we thank you for all the love, encouragement, support and tons of advice you have given us to us for the past months when things get rough and low at times. right now, we ask you to help us out by pitching in a vote for us! please head over to:

and vote for ‘maki squarepatch’. only one vote is allocated per IP address (so if you really like us and wanna support us further, please get your friends to vote for us too). the winner walks away with USD 1000 but that’s not really what we’re aiming for. we wanna spread our message of love and eco-consciousness in a big big way and your vote will mean alot to us because we’re just starting out 🙂 so THANK YOU!

also, another big thing that we’d like to share is that we will be opening our shop/gallery at 111 emerald hill road sometime in July this year. more details will be sent soon. maki squarepatch: hello eco! how does that sound? we’ll definitely have an opening party and you’re definitely invited. if you’d like to chip in in the form of ideas, manpower or anything at all, drop me a liner and let me know 🙂 it’s gotta be ALL DIY so i’m looking at all the help i can get.

chat soon! 🙂 and have a great week ahead.

enqi and xin
maki squarepatch


3 thoughts on “vote for maki squarepatch!

  1. opps! just realised i can’t and remembered tt’s what you said in the email – “only one vote is allocated per IP address”. but my IP add kinda changes (dunno how but it does) so yeah… will try!

    hope you’ll win dearie!

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