care for the world


Reposted from my work blog:

As my dad was reading through my draft of answers for an interview today (because it’s in Mandarin, I badly needed help!) with 《财经追击》 (Money Week), he said that it’s a wonderful thing that Singapore is finally doing more awareness work on eco-consciousness. Then it dawned upon us that it’s not just in Singapore but all over the world (a bit late on realisation but yeah).

It saddens me to think about how people develop situational awareness after the realisation of matters like rising global temperature, deforestation, consumer waste that will eventually have to be disposed of into the space (if we keep running out of landfill…who knows). That is, as opposed to making it a consistent conscientious effort knowing that we all have a little ownership of this place we live in. The positive note to this is that, whatever time you get started on doing your bit for the world, it WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

Since we’re talking about caring for the world, let’s talk about caring for

its occupants shall we? If you have the internet, I’d say you’re more than blessed already because you can fill your stomach, go to school and have or can hold a job to sustain you and keep you going. There are many out there who aren’t as privileged.

Something new I’ve learnt about international charities in Singapore: If they openly ask for donations, only 20% of the donations can go to the needy. 80% will have to be retained within Singapore. Honestly, there are many people outside of Singapore who need the funds more than we do but I reckon its Singapore policy to do that so that funds within Singapore will not be depleted. Purely my own assumption. And if the charity wants to keep 100% of its donations to go to the needy, it cannot openly solicit for donations.

WorldVision Singapore is one organisation that I come to know who want to keep all of their monies for the needy (ok minus all the administrative costs of course). Otherwise, all other proceeds go to the people whom you set out to help. I admire that alot. And more than anything, it means they need a bit of publicity and help to always try to meet their target so here it is. Be a child sponsor and if you can give more. Find out more about them here. Wouldn’t it be nice if one day our superficial conversation will be peppered with ‘So where is your sponsored child from?’ instead of ‘How’s the weather today?’.

Mine, by the way, is from Mongolia.


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