two important words


Being in a relationship makes me realise a couple of important things. Essentially these came out of lessons I have learnt while I REALLY seeking God and building my relationship with Him. There are times where I admit I’ve taken Him for granted and know that as long as these words come forth from my mouth, He will accept them no matter what and no matter how I mean them at the point of them being spoken.

Whatever we do, we do it in worship of Him.

Maybe words come easier because there is less pride in me in front of my God and there are no walls between me and my Saviour. I know He won’t hurt me with careless words and actions. I know His all-embracing love will withstand even if heaven and earth should fade and cease to exist. And I know He won’t have harsh retorts in store for me in a conversation, casual or deep.

Somehow that just is different with human relationships.

I learnt why we cover thanksgiving and seeking of forgiveness in our prayers to God. ‘Thank you’ and ‘Sorry’ are two of the hardest words to say because to say them with sincerity means to let down my guard and realise a few things: I am not always right (it’s hard to keep that frame of mind in certain situations!), humility is required in ANY relationship, and knowing that you need one another (the need to be vulnerable and stay vulnerable). And they can be the hardest words to say in a relationship so we start building that humility in us with God first, before extending that same attitude to others around us.

Father in Heaven, I can’t believe that in a brief of time, I’ve known you for three years already. It’s been a time of ups and downs, of times when I deliberately chose to disobey yet Your loving arms stay extending, waiting for Your child to turn back to You. And I did. And I will continue to seek Your face. Your touch makes me want You more every day. Keep the passion in me and my heart ablazed with Your love so that it can be extended to others around me who need to know You. I love You and always will. Thank you for everything You have given me and for everything that You chose to take away from me for it was for my own good. Praise Your Name to the highest of heavens and may Your glory reign forever and ever and ever. In Jesus’s name, AMEN.


2 thoughts on “two important words

  1. Greetings. This reminded me of Philippians 1:6 where it tells how the Lord will finish the work that he’s started in each of us. This is so true what you have written. When we get our relationship with the Lord in proper perspective, our relationship with others will line up as they should be. My wife is not a christian and as such I have to watch myself continually as to not be a bad testimony. In other words she needs to see Jesus in me. Only by walking in the Spirit can I maintain a proper testimony. Thanks for such a good reflection on the need to walk close to the Lord.

    have a blessed day in Christ.


  2. timbob, i feel for you as always whenever i read your blog but stand firm on your faith for He promised that He will save. will keep your family in my prayers. bless you!

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