Love to write?


Someday, I wish to publish my own book. But first, I hope that I can do more freelance writing.

In the meanwhile, I’m building up my portfolio at Helium where I write articles based on topics that interest me. If you love to write, feel strongly about certain issues about life, politics, your work place or anything under the sun, do check out this site.

If you’re joining, let me know. I’d love to read your stuff too.

Here’s me.

7 thoughts on “Love to write?

  1. I too love writing. My goal is to write freelance, but i am not as familiar with the how too’s as I would like to be. I recently joined Helium but have not had time to become aware of all they have to offer. If you can give me any ideas on how to become recognized and used by the writing field please let me know.
    If you have time could you take a look at my wordpress page? Any feedback will be greatly appreciated. Don’t worry if you you have negative comments. I am always willing to accept them.
    Thank you
    Brett Clements

  2. hey! you’re everywheererere!

    ooh, the dedication. my account has been idle for ages. actually, i’ve never even wrote anything on it lol

  3. Thanks for the link!! I took a quick glance and I will definitely be heading back to really look around. Am going to spend some time reading around here on your blog too! Stop on by…

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