celebrities and drunk driving behaviour


On the front page of my Google homepage today, this is what I see:

in Singapore:
TV actor Christopher Lee jailed for drink-driving

in Los Angeles:
Paris Hilton draws petitions for, against jail

4 weeks (about 120 days) of jail for drunk driving for local actor Christopher Lee versus 45 days for Paris Hilton. Nobody is kicking much of a fuss here about his jail term. He pretty much earned it fair and square, and honestly, so did Paris Hilton. Driving at 70 mph in the dark without headlights, 45 mph past the speed limit? Did you really think she didn’t know that she can’t drive on a suspended license? Did she think that her manager dictates legal regulations with regards to her suspended license?

I think what may be sadder is that her fan, Kyle Vincent, is being an opportunist, leveraging her situation and peddling wares to support “the petition drive, myself and the organizers.” Himself and the organisers? Hey aren’t they one entity.

I pray justice will prevail. There are consequences for sins, so are there consequences for breaking of the law. Nobody *should* be above another in the eyes of law. I’d also like to believe that money can’t buy you a nicer jail cell.


3 thoughts on “celebrities and drunk driving behaviour

  1. Ooh. i find it a little funny actually. Heeheehee
    That is true, no one really is making a fuss about Lee. Perhaps because he is not as rich, famous, beautiful and controversial? :p Wahaha

    Ah. But we DON’T actually KNOW what really happened and what anyone is really thinking…

    In situations like these, is it our place to pray for redemption and intercession, that they learn their lesson and not pose a danger in this manner to themselves and anyone again,

    or punishment, because we THINK they deserve it? 😉

    Money can buy you practically everything… except salvation.

    How often have we escaped punishment?
    I’m sure i have not been ‘rightfully punished’ occasions, because i prayed my ass off.

    We’ll never be righteous judges… and shouldn’t try to be, because there is always Mercy. I don’t believe we have any role in requesting punishment on anyone unless it’s to inspire change.
    Even then, lots of people escape punishment – it’s not something that ensures betterment.


    Clever opportunists… whether they are genuine in their cause or not – it’s just a passing fad. What’s sadder for me is that people think they need these things to ‘add value and excitement to their otherwise mundane lives’.

    Yeah, life can get a bit boring some days, but… UH. Ha ha ha!

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