a journey with Him


Normally I’d take a casual stroll to the nearby shopping mall to get all my stuff done but today I decided to take my sister’s bicycle. For some reason, even though it was faster to get to my destination, cycling was alot more work than I had anticipated. Maybe it’s cos I was trying to do a balancing act on the bicycle while carrying a tote bag that held a huge and heavy life application bible. Maybe it’s cos I’m just not used to cycling as a mean of getting around. Or just perhaps it requires a whole new set of situational awareness as I attempt to travel down the same path via another medium.

Cycling on the same path that I am so familiar with on foot changes many things. For one, I can only cycle on certain portions on the pathway cos I wanted to avoid the potholes that will disrupt my otherwise smooth journey. I cannot mount a step onto the pavement with a bicycle cos I’m not exactly great with stunts. I had to look out for other cyclists cos the pavement’s only good for 2 skinny cyclist without compromising on safety. And I had to be a bit more familiar with the bicycle in order to ride safely and know when to brake when I need to instead of freewheeling to a stop.

And hey it just made me think about my walk with God. Before I came to Christ, I determine how I wanna walk, which direction I want to go, slowing down my pace as I deem fit or walking faster when I need to get to my errands in a hurry. Now, on the road with the Holy Spirit (rightfully) leading my way, He may point out potholes in my life that I was never aware of previously and that requires mending. There may be steps on the pathway that I always trip over and His light will shine on them again and again to make sure I don’t stumble in the same way anymore. With His light shining upon all the dark areas of my life, I had to face them. Ignoring them isn’t wise. I’ll merely stumble over the same problems over and over. If I need to get over a struggle in my life, might as well let it be now in the face of it.
I need to change the way I walk the walk and let Him fully lead.
Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!” – 2 Corinthians 5:17


7 thoughts on “a journey with Him

  1. This reading was like a gentle breeze of refreshment for me. Once my car broke down and I had to walk home. It took four hours. I can remember noticing a lot more during the walk than I ever had during the drive. I had time to stop and offer part of my lunch to someone who had stopped and asked me if I had any food in my back pack.

    I also remember the monotony of the walk. I remember the feeling that ‘I can’t make it another step.’

    Also—you made a comment on my last post that really hit home for me. You’d said that it is ultimately up to the Holy Spirit to convict an unbelieving heart. I knew it. However, you reminded me of it! Thanks.

    God Bless

  2. God bless you for sharing your testimony about breaking your normal routine and gaining so much insight from it! We can be so refreshed from getting out of our comfortable old routine.

  3. John

    thanks for sharing this experience. nice lesson: keep your feet firmly planted on the path God has shown you to be true. if you don’t, you get wobbly and slow down because you encounter pot holes.


    God bless.

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