my Truth-is list


I had a mini breakdown over the last few days and after some great advice given by a really cool younger brother, I thought I’d put together a Truth-is list. Put together by him. And I added on after upon reflection.him (to me):

1. Truth is you’re heartbroken and single
2. Truth is your ex is a bastard
3. Truth is you’re better off without him
4. Truth is you got me now (sorry I had to add that in cos I’ve always wanted an older brother but a younger one will do too!)
5. Truth is your life is so much more WORTH the living now especially with your business and church
6. Truth is you’re not condemned because your dreams for an eternal sunshine life with your ex didn’t make it
7. Truth is God loves you
8. Truth is He will be faithful to you in His time
9. Truth is His grace and mercy never fails
10. Truth is you have no where else to go to but God
11. Truth is you bought a guitar and you haven’t been practising on it (yes my little brother can tell :P)
12. Truth is I’m a better guitarist than your exbf (and better singer too I must add)
And mine to add on:
13. Truth is God’s truth will outshine all darkness and lies of men
14. Truth is God loves me enough to pull me out of the miry clay and not leave me in it to rot
15. Truth is God does want to bless me and give me a better tomorrow
16. Truth is God could not have restored me if I didn’t go through brokenness first
17. Truth is in all that I did I was seeking perfect Love and HE found me
18. Truth is His love will always eventually conquer all the hurt and pain we go through
19. Truth is He has saved me in every sense of that word
20. Truth is there is no what-ifs or harping on the past but only a better future in our Lord

Thank you, Wayne. For putting things into perspective in your usual dreamy singsong manner. God sent an angel in the form of you that night. This list will serve as a good reminder to me should I ever break down and whine about why He allowed bad things to happen. Bad things always happen. It ain’t His doing but He makes things better nevertheless.


12 thoughts on “my Truth-is list

  1. philestine

    Thanks for checking out my blog. Sounds like your struggling with similar issues.
    I’ll keep watching your work.

  2. We live in a different place, living in a different society, but our struggling issue is almost similar.

    All I believe is, god will lead us in our life.

  3. philestine and DSvT: thanks for stopping by! let’s have simple faith in our Father who gives us good things all the time even if we fail to see it at that precise moment.

    blessed week to you!

  4. What a great list. Gods truth and faithfulness is steadfast. Never changing the way that people change. I needed to see the last one. “Truth is there is no what-ifs or harping about the past but only a better future in our lord.” Truly God takes away all of our yesterdays. The thought of it is incredible. Thanks for a very good list. Although I’ve never heard you play the guitar, I’m certain that you’re blessed.
    have a blessed day.


  5. jayleigh: glad to be of service to a sister 🙂

    timbob: and truth is…i bought the guitar and never really played it!!!! yes i’m guilty. i decided to stop splitting my focus and just keep it to singing better.

    blessed week to the both of you!!!

  6. Truth is: you are a fun and interesting individual
    Truth is: you seem to care about others
    Truth is: The person sending this just bought a guitar she never plays, too.
    Truth is: well…not NEVER.

    Thanks for your comments on my article “Not Your Average God.”

  7. cumby

    This truth shone in my heart like an intense light:”Truth is in all that I did I was seeking perfect Love and HE found me.” This is so profound, I wish you would write a whole post about it.

  8. katejohnson: you’re funny 🙂 and i love your article. people, please check out her blog.

    cumby: you know, maybe i will! thanks for pointing that out 🙂 God gives each and every one of us a unique love story with Him. He creates a yearning in us for Him and rescues us when we really need Him.

  9. allie

    21. Truth is you’ve met a King and you’ll no longer settle for anything less than a Prince.

    Babe! You are a Princess. Behold your King and stay strong.

    22. Truth is one day, you’ll going to look back and know these were the years that God was real for you.

    23. Truth is you’re growing more beautiful each day.

    24. Truth is God has plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you a hope and a future.





    The “Truth is” list goes on…. Down with those ugly lies.

    BIG HUG.

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