to a beautiful friend i adore


Dear A

you saw me through the tough times.
you were always there to give the right verses, the right advice.
you prayed over me when i felt hopeless and completely lost.
you were God’s angel to me in my times of distress.
when i was angry with God, you were there to show me His peace.
when i was happy, you were there to share and rejoice.
you can read my emotions like a book which is rare. maybe it’s cos we’re so similar in many ways 🙂
you were there to encourage, no matter how bad things may look and how impossible the situation may seem.
you were always there to remind me that satan is right there too, always trying to get us down, when i forget how real he is.
you saw me come to Christ; you saw me broken. you saw me restored by His love.
no matter what, you always try to be unbiased in your judgements.
and most beautiful of all, you fear HIM and love HIM with all your heart.

eh, if i ever get married, if i ever have a little girl, will you be her Godmother? 🙂

love you gal. and thank you for always always being there. for driving all the way from tampines to my place without a grunt. for priding love above worldly materials. for being a wonderful and true friend. may our friendship withstand the trials and tribulations of this world. may i always see you through His eyes, even when times are bad between us. JL is one lucky fella to ‘own’ you. can’t wait till March 8 2008! 😀

and thank you for sharing this verse yesterday night. He has accomplished good out of so many wrong turns that we made.

“You intended to harm me, but God intended good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.”

Genesis 50:20


3 thoughts on “to a beautiful friend i adore

  1. Aly

    Hi babe, haha very touched & I am at work so this prolly isn’t the most appropriate time to bawl with emotions. ;D All I want to say is that I am glad to have a sister like you and I am just His vessel. He uses you too in many ways, to remind me of His presence.

    Life’s a challenge and the devil gets to me too, but you & I know that with the Holy Spirit in our lives, we get His promptings all the time.

    So God bless you & let’s hold hands and walk along the Valley of the shadow of death with no fear for: He is with us and His rod and staff, they beat the living daylights out of the devil and guide us along the rocky mountains.

    ;D Cheers babe

  2. many hugs and love you lots 🙂 we’ll walk this journey together cos it’s never easy. and remind each other how God is always always right there with us, as close as our breath.

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