Romans 13:14


i have the greatest respect for Joshua Harris. It must have come from the books that he wrote. Think ‘I Kissed Dating Goodbye’. I still can’t believe he wrote it when he was 21 – he really made me rethink the whole dating thing.

Anyway I found this cute cartoon that Harris drew (got this link through uskomak) as he tries to teach us Romans 13:14 on fleshly desires and getting rid of it on a daily basis. Head over to the Feb 10 entry and you’ll see it.


6 thoughts on “Romans 13:14

  1. cumby

    I love the expression on the face of Jabba the Hut [flesh]. 😀 According to his post, most of our feeding of the flesh comes from watching TV. I rarely watch TV but yet still go through struggles. I suspect that it’s a bit more complicated than that.

  2. it could be anything from having a deep conversation with a nonbelieving friend and surfing the net sometimes. i understand your struggle as i have mine too. i’ll keep you in prayer, my brother.

  3. thanks for sharing that…I enjoyed that
    feeding the flesh sometimes be tricky to identify…I have discovered that usually it involves “me” or rather those things we do that only satisfy,gratify,edify and benefit “me”

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