reminiscing on valentine’s


valentine’s day this year is spent with my sister and 2 friends at the bowling alley near my place. we had waffles at gelare at east coast park after that, and perhaps the whole night’s run of events inspired this blog entry.

this entry is gonna be about a girl blogging about the male behavior based on past experiences and observations. as much as it is for my own amusement, it is also something i hope to look back in a few years’ time and smile about.

too many times i have been swayed and mesmerised by guys based on what they feel and know to be true, that first impression counts. they make girls laugh. they are showy and splurge dollops on food, clothes or whatever in front of the girl. they exaggerate their stories to get attention. yes they love attention and want the full attention of the girls. all these they do on the first few dates. but sadly, the start of the relationship kills all of that. they became who they truly are: broke, insecure, proud, selfish, attention-seeking.

perhaps a little more maturity through these times made me realise how important, at the end of the day, are a man’s values, beliefs and core character. and how important it is that he strongly desires to be transformed by the Lord. how he may not be the one to create the first impression that makes all girls swoon, but will be the one who can have an everlasting impression on her (that grows with each passing day) because he stands firm upon his words, values and beliefs.

my best friend is one person i know who has always fallen for the wrong kinda guy. from druggie to guys who abuse her emotionally and cheat on her. their profile is always similar – guys with expensive toys, passionate in a reckless way, fast and dangerous. i remember telling her once, after a horrible discovery of truth – the guy was gonna get married, how her choice of men are always the same so maybe it is the choice of men that is always causing her these pain. and her response to that was that the average nice guy is just too boring. i know what she meant. by that she meant that they’re less exciting, less impulsive, always planning ahead, careful with what they do as if everything requires a mathematical calculation. and that spells yawn city. yet i also realise that these dangerous men that she is always attracted to are doing everything they can in their very human way, with God-given passions that have gone twisted along the way, to find Him. and in their attempt to find God, they will continue to lead such lifestyles to satisfy their inner desire to fulfill this whole meaning of life until they find truly find meaning in Him. and then, become ‘boring’. that being said, perhaps she is also not focusing on what God values in a relationship.

so Lord, boldly i cling to you for in you, all things are made perfect in heaven, even if not on earth right now. you gave me a personal promise. and you asked me to have faith for you will be faithful. so like a little obedient lamb shall i heed your words and your way.


2 thoughts on “reminiscing on valentine’s

  1. Wow. You are amazing. Just your views and insights on the trials we have here on Earth, and clinging to God’s promises.

    You know, God has made me a promise too, and I still don’t know if I should make some move to see it realized, when I know in the past I’ve been told not to (but only for that time). Your words, especially the last paragraph are so encouraging to me.

    Thank you!

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