my current reads


i’m such a bookworm so i decided to post up my current reads:

Holy Bible: Book of Ephesians

People Pleasers by Les Carter (Christian psychology and human behaviour in general intrigues me)

Cults, Sects and the New Age by Rev. James L. Lebar (it’s Catholic and I found it quite interesting when it touched a bit on this Discipleship/Shepherding movement in the Protestant circle)


3 thoughts on “my current reads

  1. Lorna, it mainly talks about bible study programs that draw people away from the church and into the small discipleship programs. the emphasis here is on false leaders drawing His sheep away from His church.

  2. Hi, i’m Catholic,
    i’ve never joined any Bible study/ youth groups/ cell groups whatnot,
    the church is trying to really incorporate it as part of community bonding and enrichment. I suppose it really only turns bad when someone tries to become boss and teach his own interpretations as the (misguided) truth, even if their intentions may good and they believe in their ideals so much. It could happen anywhere in any religion… i suppose that’s why so many new, small churches are popping up nowadays.

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