onward on the right track :)


i have so many drafts on my blog and i need to have that one on yoga & christianity put together soon but i must share what God has done for my sister and i!

of how little faith i can be sometimes, really. for some reason, i always lack faith and i think indeed that divides me and Him. despite knowing in my heart that this is where He is leading me too, i always have some doubt buried in my heart. maybe because nobody can see what i’m doing as full-time. sure, some days i slog till the wee hours and others, i just slack real bad when i’m highly unmotivated. my sister, on the other hand, is awesome with discipline and keeps me in check that way and gets me moving when i stall. God gave me a friend of simple faith and belief and i thank Him for MC πŸ™‚

but back to God’s awesomeness. my sister is a (starving) artist and as the artist’s manager and partner of our joint craft business, it also results in a starving manager. but truly, i know this is what God wants me to do RIGHT NOW for whatever result, whatever reason. i hear Him, and i follow, right?

this weekend 3 & 4 feb, my sister is having her first solo art exhibition. pictures are viewable here or can be read on our site blog. i know it’s a big deal for her cos she didn’t sleep friday night and we had a long weekend ahead of us. sleep-deprived, she still held up good. i’m proud of her.

day 1: 2 works on reserve. total: 18 works left. at night, in prayer, i ask God for encouragement and providence, for Him to send a buyer to swipe up all her artwork.

day 2: God did send that buyer along. how much more amazing can He get? only 1 work left, the rest were SOLD! this anonymous buyer came along and swiped up 16 works. and wanted to remain anonymous. alot of other artists were curious and even my sister started making wild guesses and feeling odd, that he/she wanted to remain unknown. was he an art reseller? was he a secret admirer? was it her exboyfriend? was he some sugar daddy? all sorts of guesses and as for me? i text mom and dad and told them about my prayer answered (lukewarm replies to the God-inserted message though). told sister and 2 others about my prayer answered. called MC and only a brother will know how much it means to me to have a prayer answered.

it’s like God telling us that we’re right on track. and that’s what fulfills my heart. to be within His plan and never ever stray again.

thank you Lord. thank you for providing. thank you for everything you have done. and may your testimony be sure in the hearts of those who know you yet for you gave me this word just this morning:

The law of the LORD is perfect, restoring the soul;
The testimony of the LORD is sure, making wise the simple.

Psalm 19:7


7 thoughts on “onward on the right track :)

  1. cumby

    Thanks for the awesome praise report. Our testimony of how we overcome the world is absolutely vital to our faith. Faith, like a fruit, grows. God can do a lot with what we perceive to be very little faith. Remember when He spoke of the tiny mustard seed? I have at least that much faith and so do you.

  2. that really is awesome. i’ve made some choices that seem strange/ crazy to people around me and i can’t really explain it to them (because i don’t completely understand it myself lol). and have to cope when they ask what on earth i’m doing (since i did pretty well in school. but high price to pay for that…) and with annoying snide remarks and frequent parental objection/ intrusion. BUT i’m more at peace now than i was before in so called high-flying whatever job position etcetc (long stories). time was a-wasting then! and i was being wasted (so i feel) on jobs better suited to other people, ‘privileged’ as they might have been. so yes, i don’t have a big steady cashflow (YET!) but just when i think i’ll never make a cent again in comes an opportunity in my inbox when i least expect it. and i’m grateful for that, it keeps me going. when i start thinking that my work is really, quite stupid, substandard and worthless (no doubt some of it comes from the people in my immediate environment!), some small note/ $ comes along to say otherwise. and really, that’s all i need for now.. i’ve always resented any sort of societally imposed protocol/ standards that kept me from pursuing whatever it was i felt i needed to do. had to keep struggling for ‘approval’ to get them done, many misunderstandings, and the usual chaos that comes from doing things unorthodox (it really isn’t, it just seems that way) and challenging standards and authority (i really don’t mean to, they’re just too inflexible! ha). just the other day a friend said she showed some schoolmates my blog & i thought i’d die of embarrassment, she siad no, she thinks she just got me a few competitors. so i suppose even our feeblest efforts might make a difference to some people, even if the result still needs some work. :p being in the dark isn’t that bad sometimes, perhaps it’s an opportunity to improve our night-vision! and when that gentle breeze blows, i have to make sure my wind-vane is oiled enough to pick up the right direction (i get lazy with the maintenance). and even though at home sometimes arguments get loud and (stupidly, unneccessasarily) stressful i’m just thankful i have a place to live and have a computer and sewing machine and a good 1/3 of our(small :S) study to dump my stuff. ok, i suppose this is as close to blogging as i’ll get for a long time, it’s too much strain and i’m too long-winded for me. LOL although, really, i’ve got more anecdotes. few people do what maki’s doing and with as much purpose and good intentions to boot. i was adamant on going overseas just less than a year ago to take advantage of whatever i could just to get away from the stifling environment here. and then MAAD came along, and i’m still here. πŸ™‚ if the breeze blows (i think it is), see you there in march when all the plushies have a field day.

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