yoga and christianity p.I


this is a topic that is pretty close to my heart having had a relationship with the practice and falling out with it and never going back there again.

yesterday, we had a talk at church by Mr Ashok Kumar, from Bedok Methodist Church. he was raised as a Hindu in India and came to Christ in his early 20s. topic: Can Christians do yoga?

having went through 1 and a half yoga instructor course and taught some classes, it was a little surreal going to church and seeing how the speaker presented the talk. He skimmed through alot of information very fast as he only had one hour. most that i talk to feel that it was too short as i’m sure alot of people went hoping to find out more about yoga, and how it holds up to against the light of His Word. perhaps that is the stand that most people come from. yet i’m sure most people left with alot of questions and doubts in their head.

but perhaps before i do go deeper (and i need to gather my thoughts too), i’d like to hear your comments first. Should Christians do yoga? Can it be taken as a mere exercise?


4 thoughts on “yoga and christianity p.I

  1. cumby

    Sorry! Don’t know anything about yoga. But I studied and taught martial arts for many years, even as a Christian. 3 years of Tae Kwon Do and 9 years of Kenpo [in which I received a black belt.] It began to bother me as I got deeper into the things of the Lord, so I burned all my uniforms and belts and gave away all the training equipment. Even if I was wrong and overreacted, I figure my motive was pure.

  2. cumby: yes i’ve heard of people who got involved in martial arts and called it quits because they felt it wasn’t right. what aspect of it exactly got you second thinking about it? thanks for all the links!

  3. Leslie Falconer

    I studied , practiced and taught yoga for 14 years. I lived with a Hindhu gur from India. I travelled all over India. Yoga is tied to Hindhuism. It is a spiritual path yogis follow to realize god consciousness. The Hindhu god Siva is the lord of yoga. It is a path of works. God loves the Hindhus and wants to bring them to Himself. When I came under great demonic oppression as a result of practicing yoga. I gave my life to Christ and completely forsook yoga in all its forms. Jesus delivered me and set me free. I know that as a Christian I cannot practice yoga in any form.

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