my day


allow me to do a little bit of self-indulgence that i hardly do and postdate this entry a little. it was my day after all 🙂 so here goes! it was my birthday and i celebrated it 2 days early with my parents and sister. dad booked a table for us at the Jade Palace restaurant at Forum Shopping Mall cos i totally wanted to have some Peking duck. have not had that in ages. you know where you have really nice crispy roasted duck skin wrapped in wrap rolls topped with that mysterious (to me cos i can’t cook) yummy dark sauce. and hey, somehow we’re all decked in all blue! mom surprised me with a cake that she secretly stashed away, to nobody’s knowledge. my greedy dog is just eyeing my cake all the time (yea check him out in the pictures). and if you wonder about the gash on his head, he went for a surgery to remove a cancerous tumour and his scabs are gone now but his head feels a little soft, i blogged about that here.

mom and dad and jacky (licking his lips around). dad can never smile for a camera.

and my sister!

i really meant it when i said he’s eyeing my cake.
candle count: 4 (cos sis said that’s all that they gave her) (??!??!!)
1 day before my birthday i booked a bowling session with for my small group so like 15 – 20 people showed up. people popped up every now and then and we booked 3 lanes in all. seriously it’s one of the few ways we can exercise these days with the busy work schedules that most people hold. and they had an awfully chocolate chocolate cake stashed somewhere while we were bowling the whole night! these guys are amazing and i love you all 🙂 (not just because it’s an awfully chocolate cake yea). thank you for the wonderful surprise and for celebrating it with me 🙂 i was too dazed to request for photos somehow and i know somebody’s got the photo in his/her camera but i just didn’t manage to find out who 😛 hey send to me k? thanks 🙂 and i’ll add it here. midnight came and it was time to open up my presents!!! i don’t get alot but it doesn’t matter cos they’re special that way isn’t it?
candle count: 6 (cos they got their math right)

got a flattie doll that my sister made! cos she knew how much missed the purple flat bunny doll that i had as a kid and that mom threw out. now it’s a white flat bunny made of the same material and made out of fabrics i love and one part of it is jacky’s shirt! and i got this really cute cute retro looking pouch from MC. thank you! i can’t stash my 1 litre water bottle into it but i promise to put it to good girly use on a good day when i don’t need to lug a water bottle around.

wrapped in good ol’ maki squarepatch fashion!

tada! altogether now.

so on my big day, i made everybody take pictures with me when they ought to have done so the day before!

and oh the singers got me a cake too and i tell you, it’s beautiful how ‘Happy Birthday’ can be sung when harmonised 😀 and i never realised. thank you GUYS! i’ve always had fun hanging out with y’all. AG got a lovely chocolate cake from Le Patisserie that’s sooo indulgent and coated with chocolate powder that choked everybody but him especially.
candle count: 3 (so i had a little bit of discount on my age again, so what?)

happy 26 to me. to many, that’s kinda old. but i’m forever a baby in His eyes.


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