an answered prayer that amazes


Have you reached a juncture in your life where you wonder to God ‘so what’s next’? Asking Him what is His grand plan for you? Asking Him what is His direction and calling for you in life? I did and even as I braved living meagrely and a pay cut to start this venture with my sister, there are times whereby I wondered whether I heard Him right to what I feel I’m called to do. Does that sound familiar or what cos I know I’m not the only one in this.

There are days when I feel like only that one step ahead of me is illuminated. One sister told me what if even that one step isn’t illuminated? Yes, I agree too, that that happens. Sometimes that venture into darkness (or uncertainty in life) takes that step of faith.

And here I am, wondering where He will take me next, wondering when our ‘lucky break’ might come. I can see how God has worked in both our lives and I remember a period of joy where I can actually see Him moving in my sister’s life especially, her being non-Christian and all. Through work, He brought us closer than ever before. 23 years of life together and in a matter of half a year, He made so many changes. And in a matter of 2 years, He brought us closer when we used to fight over EVERYTHING. Amazing is His love and grace, poured out upon us.

Yesterday morning, I prayed this. I prayed that God will send only reliable, trustworthy customers to our site. After all, we just started out. Any orders/purchase brings delight as it brings confirmation in our hearts that our works are appreciated, and we want to use our works as a way to share our joy. One non-paying customer alone already upsetted me and when this new order came in with no response to emails, I decided to send her a text in the morning asking her if she got my email and informing her our payment procedure. In Singapore, that feels like the most non-intrusive way of communicating anyways. Text message went out 11am. No reply at all. Naturally, I was wondering: is this another non-payer? (Sigh attached).

Out I went, into town with my sister. We had to work on a feature for MAAD which is starting out a pilot issue of Maadzine. I proposed to cover interviews of people on the street to find out how receptive they are to local designers and handmade stuff since MAAD is still an upstart. We decided to pick 4 people to cover the feature.

2nd girl whom I approached noted that I looked familiar. Well with the Channel U coverage that we got on tv, I wasn’t surprised somebody in Singapore would see that. I took down her name and other details. Her name matched the possible non-paying buyer. And inside me, I was like ‘Hmmmmmm….????’ since it wasn’t particularly a usual Singaporean name. When I got to the end of the interview and got her mobile number just in case I left out any important details, and her number MATCHED exactly the number I text in the morning, I’m sure you can understand how shocked/joyous?/thrilled? I was. The only thing I could exclaim to her was ‘did you buy something from

5 thoughts on “an answered prayer that amazes

  1. Blessings to you for being my very first comment! And such a kind, friendly one at that. May our Father touch you and your sister in a very special way and bless your business too. He will, I just know it! Thanks.

  2. catherineneal2006

    Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. I wanted to return the kind act. I also want to thank you for writing this post. I am following God’s voice and writing a book and working part-time instead of full-time.

    This will cut into our household income but I know that God will provide.

  3. Des'ray Josephine Marais

    I wish God could for once show me that he hear and feels our pain and finances our child’s pain the world is crying to a God and is waiting for him to move but it seems empty to some people that they take their lives cos the wait is a bet too long and the pain is still carrying on.Please God and people prayer for this world of ours and especially for Africa as people are suffering children are suffering, living on rats and wondering where is the next meal coming from. In South Africa it is a norm for us to hear that a children was raped the child is 9 months , 3 years old and two years old it is sad when you want to send your child to school yet someone out there is waiting to prey on innocent child it is sick. As God forgoting us? please prayer for the children in Africa as they don’t know childhood and are forced to grow up earlier than they should. aIt is heart sore to hear this everyday yet the government does do anything yet they fight for higher postion in the government yet the people are suffering crime rate is so high and children being killed.A mother was walking in town with her baby on her back and there was a robbery taking place and guns were shot few minute later still walking she could feel wet on her back to check that her baby was shot during the crossfire. how heart sore is this.Violence is sweeping through our nation why is this that know one is defending the babes for they don’t does to be born inthe midst of all this.Every day children are dying with aids in our country. some of them don’t even know there is a thing out there called HIV/AIDS yet they lost they lives to it. Please people prayer for the children the innocent children of our land Africa

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