my sweet fella


my little baby boy and doggy friend is at the clinic, post-op. he has a tumour up his nose and he’s got it removed today. he’s 13 this year and a white shaven maltese. i fear he has not much time left. i cannot imagine how he looks like right now, bandaged around his head as the surgeon had to cut him probably at the nose. it hurts me right now even to think about it and the day has been a bit of a drag as i work and keep sending God holy telegrams to let him be well. let him be ok, let him be fine, let him be safe, let him be painless. let him have comfort. let him know that he is loved. let him not suffer.

mom called and said the infection has gone to his brains. my heart simply sank. Lord, if you care for the sparrows do you also care for Jacky? i know you do. as i know you care for each and everyone of us, knowing even how many hairs there are on our head for you made us from dust.

Lord, please let his last days be happy, pain-free until we let you take over at his last breath. as you have breathed life into each and everyone of us, may we too surrender that last breath to you and rest, knowing that our eternity can only be found in You.


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