my psalm


somebody once told said that Psalms are songs and hymns about men pouring out their heartfeld needs to God. here’s mine, dated 18 Jul 06.

My heart grieves
for the shallowness of men’s heart.
My heart bleeds,
stabbed deep with betrayal.
Lord, do you hear my woeful cries?
Can you see the state of my heart?
Lord, take me in Your loving hands
and protect me with Your might.
Every ounce of my strength
has far deserted me.
I am but a pulpitted mess,
wrangled amidst blood and tears.
I pour out my woes
into Your lovingkindness
that delivers all promises
and never shortchanges.
Lord, I deserve not Your love
for only by Your grace I am here.
I pray,
you pluck the pain from my heart
that is gnawing me to death.
Transform me into what you desire.
I surrender completely
into your omnipresence.
I give up my will
and embrace Yours.
Heal me.
Mend me.
Mould me.
Use me.
Deliver me.
Tempt me not.
Love me more.
Save me.

i think i suck at the whole parameters and poetry thinggy but here’s what i felt there and then and i’m happy to save, God is always here and always hears every cry.


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