I usually feel like the most uncreative person in the world. I run my life in routines as fixed as the 3 meals required a day. See, I even term it as a requirement because that is what was programmed into my system since way back. i am on the computer too much idling away. i don’t seem to have enough interests to fill my life.

Or so I think.

A(n) (budding?) artist once told when he was stuck in an artist’s block stage and can only paint really well after he smokes pot. Well. Needless to say I couldn’t hold a high opinion immediately after that. But I know what he meant and was able to hold back further judgements.

We’re always trying to break out of a mold that we feel we’re stuck in. Perhaps sometimes we’re never in that mold and it’s merely in a frame of mind that we’re stuck in of what we’re capable of, thus handicapping ourselves in carrying out what we are really able to do.

We’re always trying to do something different, something new, something simply outrageous. Johnny said that a business that will really kick off and work is all about a breakthrough concept. Like how Friendster started. Like how Dell is the only one that brings computers right to your doorstep. Yes, new ideas, new concepts that fascinate and get the ball rolling. No mold.

But I think otherwise. I think we still operate under a mold. We operate within a God-created environment where he set the framework for everything. Artists get their inspiration from nature, people and anything that they see around them. You can call it imitation or modification but God doesn’t make you pay for copyrights like Microsoft would. Our creativity is God-given. After all, He made us from dust, created dust from nothing, breathed His Spirit into us and gave us life. Thus we too inherit the gift of creating things in a microlevel sort of way as He poured out His creativity into this world He created. Except our materials come from what He has already created for us to use. Isn’t He simply an awesome Daddy 🙂

Perhaps we’re too demanding and constantly want a super super breakthrough. Like I doubt anybody can add a primary color to the palette that we existingly have. That’s what I meant by God setting the framework and Him giving us so much inspiration. Yet we simply forget that what we have, is what we have been given. Our talents, our abilities, our capabilities, all blessed by the Hand that made us from dust, dust that came from nothing, dust that formed by His mere speaking them into existence. When we focus too much on ourselves, we forget why we are ourselves to begin with and what made us into being.

Too much spare time (well technically) recently has given me the opportunity to sit down and make use of my hands and create jewelry that I so adore. I tinker around with what I have and that’s what I do. Sometimes ideas run out cos I don’t seem to have any new materials to play with. And perhaps that’s what it is. We create with what we have. And I’m happy with what I see. ‘It is good.’ Uncreative? Not me. Just wasn’t fully appreciative of what has already been given to me and couldn’t see the full extent of what I am able to do. And along the way, He shows me what I didn’t think I can be, and what I didn’t think I can do.

Beautiful is our God 🙂 Creative is His Name.


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