God spoke.


I don’t know what I was feeling yesterday. Was it despair? Confusion? A lack of clear direction? A sense of doom? I don’t really know but some days I lapse into these dark moments and I don’t know why. Sitting at my balcony, looking into the sky.

Date: 17 September 2006. Time: 10.25pm. Location: 1° 18′ N 103° 50′ E, Singapore

Looking into the dark, night sky, saying one of those prayers that I always say when I feel down and lost and far away from God. Wondering if He really is out there.

Me: God, will you speak audibly? Will you just say something?

Felt a soft stirring in my heart, and His words: Why do I need to do that?

Me: (feeling small and being a real baby once again) Just so I know that you’re here, just so I know you’re real, just so I am reassured once again.

And immediately (or a fraction of a second later?) and I kid you not, the sky lit up. That patch of sky I was looking at LIT UP for like a few seconds. And there, fell, the most amazing shooting star.

I was astonished, taken aback, put in my place, speechless. I wanted to shout with jubilation. Tears of joy streamed down my face. My God has spoken once again, spoken at a time where I felt I had to make a clear decision. My entire life, all my decisions hinges on a faith that I needed to be absolutely certain of. And that certainty came in a divine encounter with Him in such a delightful, awesome manner.

Did you ever sob by your bedside, down on your knees, deep in prayer and asking Jesus to just show up? Did you do a slow peek after that prayer and half hoping in your heart that He is right there, by your bedside, if not with a round up of angels to bring you comfort? Yet did you also feel, deep at a corner of your heart, the impossibility of that? Of course the prayer that I made last night had that same effect. I had no expectation of anything from God or rather, I did not think He would answer a prayer that way anyway. But He did.

Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble?

Did you feel the mountains tremble?
Did you hear the oceans roar?
When the people rose to sing of
Jesus Christ the risen one

Did you feel the people tremble?
Did you hear the singers roar?
When the lost began to sing of
Jesus Christ the risen one

And we can see that God you’re moving
A mighty river through the nations
And young and old will turn to Jesus
Fling wide your heavenly gates
Prepare the way of the risen Lord

Open up the doors and let the music play
Let the streets resound with singing
Songs that bring your hope
Songs that bring your peace
Dancers who dance upon injustice

Did you feel the darkness tremble?
When all the saints join in one song
And all the streams flow as one river
To wash away our brokeness

And here we see that God you’re moving
A time of Jubilee is coming
When young and old return to Jesus
Fling wide your heavenly gates
Prepare the way of the risen Lord
Written by Martin Smith 1995 Curious Music UK

A song that always brings tears of joy because He is real, He is here, and He will come again.


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