It is difficult for biologists to keep count of the number of animals in this world. In the ocean alone, scientists are still keeping count of new life discoveries. Alongside these animals live particularly venomous creatures that are made to lead a lonely life (out of the food chain that is) as they eat other animals but never allowing any other animals to survive after eating them. Some of these are the poison arrow frog and the coral snake.

It is perhaps no wonder that they are made to be extremely colorful, and extremely attractive to their predators. By their look, predators are attracted to them, to their own fatal end. It is by the sheer tactic of deception that these animals have always managed to escape death, be immune to any fatalistic attacks and can only be the winning hunter instead of the hunted. Rather selfish innit?

Perhaps it ain’t no surprise that men (and i use it loosely as a term of humanity) have learnt much from these animals. Men have learnt that being a certain type of person, behaving in a certain way will please people and make people like him. Yet it’s merely deception. It’s alot of false presentation and to others, alot of false perception of what reality truly is. In short, men are ingenuine and with their charm, lure others into a deadly trap of hurt, pain and unfulfilled promises.

It is very easy to form immediate perceptions of people based on what they wish to portray. In fact, some people act out their lives on a daily regime that they have essentially lost track of who they really are. We can form immediate judgements about people but until we truly know them on a deep level (yet mostly we aren’t given the chance to by virtue of opportunity of the other party’s allowance), we can never really know them. That being said, however, one can never truly get into another’s skin for full, indepth understanding of the other.

We cannot define a person by the image he portrays, nor the reputation that he upholds. We cannot determine a person’s character by the number of friends he has nor even the type of friends sometimes. They are equally unreliable yardsticks to measure a man’s character, imho.Character is what you are in the dark when no one but God is watching – Randy Alcorn. That also includes all the secret sins that one has and only keeps to himself.Your reputation is learned in an hour; your character does not come to light for a year – William Davis. Something I will bear in my mind (and heart).

In short, do not be deceived by what you see. Sometimes they are simply a venomous poison waiting to be released.


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