made from dust….with care


we are created wonderfully in the image of God. whether you hate your nose, think you’re too short, or am missing a finger or toe, He designed you that way for a reason, His reason, not yours.

in a world where God seems absent, with raging wars and a natural disaster that robs people of homes and lives every other day, people must think that our intelligent designer is far from perfection, and therefore created an imperfection world with the injustice of pretty and ugly people.

i know a friend whom we’re all certain to have done her face, her eyes, her nose and we’re almost certain boobs at next on her list once she has the funds. i know of a friend’s nephew who did everything possible to his face yet is still never satisfied. who can design us better than the One who created us out of dust?

i believe that taking the remodelling into one’s own human hands (or the surgeon’s for that matter) on top of what God has already given us, is as good as saying ‘God, i think you suck designing me. *I* can do better and *I* know what I want for myself’. was not Pride the very thing that made Lucifer fall? was not Pride also the thing that caused the Eve to disobey God’s single commandment? people who have gone through plastic surgery are still never satisfied. that ever increasing gaping hole in their soul will never be filled up, except by the love and acceptance of what God has in store for us. it brings to mind a quote by some Pascale fella, who said that we all have a God-shaped vacuum in us.

that being said, the newest mobile phone is not gonna fill you, neither is the latest version of the Maximiser. Nor the amount of powder that is caked on pretty faces. Every comparison (and competition) only creates a bigger void in yourself, a vacuum that yearns even more longingly for God to fill.

what we cannot change, we thank God for, for He has other gifts in store for us. what we can change, we will, for the purification of our soul and spirit lasts for eternity, far longer than a season of youth and one night passions.


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